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  • Things to Ask While Hiring An SEO Company

    So, you are done with establishing your store and website. Now your presence in both online and offline platforms is settled. However, your job is not done. It is true that you have an online presence but you need to make sure that you become visible in the ever-buzzing world of digital marketing. For this, your brand needs an SEO.

    SEO companies Melbourne

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    How Responsive Web Design is Helpful for SEO

    Those days are long gone when people used to sit in front of their computer to do anything on the internet. Now people access the internet even when they are on the move. The popular trend of the internet world is showing that users across the globe are accessing internet more from their mobile devices rather than the computers. So, it is quite easy to understand why responsive web designing is becoming so popular with every passing day. Responsive web design Melbourne

    If you are thinking of establishing your brand in the market of Melbourne, and wondering how the right kind of web designing can help you in your SEO, opt for responsive web design. You must be thinking why we prefer it. Take a look.

    User Friendly

    It is the most important factor when you are designing a website. Search engine giant ‘Google’ drive traffic only from those websites which are relevant and user-friendly. However, if your website is only compatible with desktop, then your website won’t be relevant enough. Moreover, the users who are browsing from mobile will immediately go back to the search result for some other website with responsive design. And the number of such users from a mobile device is quite huge, almost around 61%.

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