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  • SEO In 2016 – How We Are Driving Results?

    “How do you drive results?” This is one of the questions that potential clients often ask before hiring our services. We do not do different things as far as optimization is concerned but just do it different from other agencies. Our team is always in the lookout for latest trends in the industry and we implement these in our projects. Let us share with you a few trade secrets that would give you a glimpse of how we are driving results in 2016.

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     # Tiding With the Search Engines

    One of the things that has kept us ahead of other SEO companies Melbourne is that we have always invested in keeping ourselves updated with the latest updates in search engine algorithms. There are dozens of major search engine updates each year apart from countless minor ones. This knowledge would help us in offering you the best results on the search engines in 2016.

    # Mobile Friendly Design

    Attribute it to our expertise in web development or our foresight we have always insisted our clients on turning their websites mobile-friendly to capitalize on organic searches. Google’s last major update clearly signals a major change in how sites are ranked and those that are mobile-friendly would earn additional scores. So unlike most other SEO companies in Melbourne if a client’s site isn’t mobile friendly we would work on the design before optimizing the site.

    # Its Intention and Not Keywords Alone              

    It is no longer possible to trick Google and other search engines by placing some keywords in the content and expecting it to be indexed on top of the results. Search engines are constantly looking to improve experience for their users and they would see your intent behind writing the content rather than the keywords that have been used. So we always aim to add value to users and offer them the most informative content that reflects in your search results.

    # Use of Images              

    Whenever a client comes to us with the need to optimize a website, we carefully review the images that have been used in the site. If there are stock images all over the place we ask the clients to offer us some unique images relating to their products/services or the process involved. Stock images have lost their utility and pay little dividends to design as well as SEO. Using unique images we are also able to drive in substantial traffic to through image search.

    These few simple things have helped us deliver results to our clients. If you wish to know the possibilities with our services contact us

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