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  • Things to Ask While Hiring An SEO Company

    So, you are done with establishing your store and website. Now your presence in both online and offline platforms is settled. However, your job is not done. It is true that you have an online presence but you need to make sure that you become visible in the ever-buzzing world of digital marketing. For this, your brand needs an SEO.

    SEO companies Melbourne

    In Melbourne, the online presence and appearance at the top of the search result are important for any brand, be it a local one or a big daddy of a specific field. So, when you are dreaming of appearing at the top of the search result and attracting huge traffic on the website you need to hire an SEO company to make this dream come true.

    But, there are a few things that you need to ask the SEO companies in Melbourne before hiring one. Take a look at the questions and what you should expect.

    How will they improve your search engine ranking?

    A strategy is needed to improve your search engine results. You can randomly target keywords and start building links. You may see some sporadic results but in a long run, it won’t offer you any consistency. For consistent result and increase in traffic, you need a definite strategy. Ask the SEO companies Melbourne about what strategies they are going to use.SEO companies in Melbourne

    How will they inform you about the changes in the website?

    Your website may need many changes according to the requirement of SEO. The changes in design and coding, adding buttons as well as developing app might become needed for your website. A standard company for SEO and App development Melbourne will give you regular report in the proper interval. So, make it clear when you are getting to know about the changes.

    How about past clients and their results?

    It is important to know and to understand the credibility of the company you are hiring. Ask them about the clients they have handled in the past. Take a look at their portfolio and the testimonials. We provide our clients with the portfolio of our previous works, our results of previous clients, and the testimonials from clients after their projects were done. They are needed to make you believe on our capability.

    Do they follow Golden Rules of Google?

    Google applies approx 5000 algorithm updates every year. All of these updates serve only one purpose, to provide the searchers with better results. So, it is important for any website to follow those rules in order to appear on the top of the search results. Ask the company you are choosing if they follow the rules of “white hat SEO”.

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