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  • Top 4 tips to make your Mobile Website Design user-friendly

    custom web design MelbourneThese days, apart from a website, there’s another thing you must create and that is a mobile website. Wondering why? It’s because the number of mobile users is accelerating than the computer or laptop users. And the searches done on smartphones have also surpassed the searches done on a laptop/desktop. Therefore, you need to create a mobile website design for your company. And if you are really looking forward to creating it, contact organic Ranking, the SEO service website of Just Mobile Websites & App.

    You might wonder, why to choose Organic ranking over other companies. Well, it’s because they follow the essential tips that will make the mobile experience better for you. Have no idea about the tips that can help create a user-friendly and successful mobile website design? Well, here are the tips. Take a look.

    • Know your audience first: The first thing you need to do before creating a mobile website is, spend loads of time in Google Analytics to find out from where your company’s visitors come, what they are looking for and what they do on your website. After knowing these three things, you need to plan about the website.  Our team does the same.
    • Keep the website simple: Experts claim that an overcrowded site makes it tough for the visitors to find what they need. So, our team always prefers keeping the site simple by using 14pt font size for text, and by making the buttons easy to tap and see. We also use high-resolution images to make it appealing. Even when they do custom web design Melbourne, they try to keep it simple.
    • Add mobile friendly features: While creating a mobile website, you have to make sure to add certain features such as ‘tap to call’ and etc, that could only be used on smartphones because these make sharing easier and quicker across other social medias. If you want such features, our experts can create it for you.
    • Keep on testing: Another thing you must do post creating a mobile website design is that, you need to keep testing it on how the pictures and content look on every possible Smartphone (not just one or two devices). You must also test every page of the site and actions users would take. Our experts also test the same before handing it over to the customer.

    Now, since you know the tips for making successful mobile web design, and you also know Organic Ranking follows these tips, wait no more. Visit our website https://organicranking.com.au/ or call us at 0400 503 618/0439 312 910. For SEO related work too, you can contact us as we are one of the best SEO companies Melbourne.

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